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Westminster Christian Academy exists to glorify God by partnering with Christian families; equipping students with the knowledge and skills to fulfill God's unique purpose for their lives.


Westminster Christian Academy, a Christian college-preparatory institution, exists in partnership with Christian parents to nurture their children, helping them to:

  • Enjoy the love of God and have a high regard for His holiness
  • Follow Christ as His disciples
  • Progress in Christian intellectual development
  • Advance in the attainment of Christ-like character
  • Extend the kingdom of God in the world

Enjoyment of God’s love and high regard for His holiness are foundations of the Christian life, and the responsibility of following Christ is its most fulfilling privilege.

The ability to think and reason from a biblical perspective is the expression of Christian intellect, while growth in spiritual maturity is the expression of Christian character.

Love of God, biblical intellect, and Christian character equip God’s people to extend His kingdom through the reformation of society and culture.