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2019-2020 Annual Tuition and Fees

            Grade Level                  Annual Tuition

      Pre-K4 (3 day M, W, F)                $3,950

      Pre-K4 (5 day)                             $4,575

      Half-day Kindergarten               $6,225

      Full-day Kindergarten                $8,240

      1st-6th Grade                             $8,655

      7th-9th Grade                            $9,075

      10th-12th Grade                        $9,565


Tuition is due July 1, 2019 unless arrangements are made for monthly installments. Parents arranging to pay in monthly installments must pay a yearly management fee.  Monthly installments will begin June 2019 and are payable through May 2020.

Tuition Discounts
Families enrolling more than one student will be given a tuition discount. The oldest student in a family will be considered the first student and will pay full tuition. Discounts for additional students are as follows:

$275 a year for the second child in Kindergarten – 12th grade
$350 a year for each additional child in Kindergarten – 12th grade
$150 a year for the second or each additional child in preschool

Application Fees
An application fee of $175.00 per student must be submitted with each application.

Financial Aid


Although the school’s financial aid fund for tuition assistance is modest, families who cannot afford full tuition should not hesitate to apply for admission. The need for assistance will not be considered in the admissions process.

For families seeking admission to Westminster, your complete enrollment application must be in process (this includes all application forms and fees) before you can be considered for financial aid.

Financial aid awards will not be made until FACTS has received the application and all required tax documents.

Westminster is an approved GOAL scholarship school and is a participant in the Georgia Tuition Tax Credit Scholarship Program. Students who are eligible for this funding will automatically be considered when the financial aid application is completed.

You must apply for financial aid using the process described below to be eligible for the Georgia Tuition Tax Credit Scholarship Program.

Financial Aid Assessment

Tuition assistance is available on the basis of demonstrated need. If you believe that your resources are not sufficient to meet the total costs of a Westminster education, you are encouraged to apply.

FACTS provides a framework through which household need can be measured fairly and equitably. Recommendations from FACTS are used by the Westminster award committee in accordance with its policies to determine the award amount.

Application Information

Applications for tuition assistance may be completed online by following this link to the FACTS website.  There is a processing fee that is made payable to FACTS. Failure to pay the processing fee may delay the evaluation.