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Westminster uses the Saxon Phonics curriculum to teach phonics, phonemic awareness, spelling, and reading. Using Saxon Phonics, students learn vital reading skills such as decoding, reading comprehension, and fluency. Westminster faculty also exposes kindergarten students to age appropriate literature by reading aloud to the class.

Memory work constitutes an important part of Westminster’s school wide curriculum. Beginning in kindergarten, students learn by memorizing God’s word along with classic poems and then reciting the works in class.

Westminster kindergarten students learn to read and write both uppercase and lowercase letters correctly, utilizing the Zaner-Bloser handwriting curriculum. Correct formation of letters is vital preparation for our youngest students who will learn to write using cursive in 2nd grade.

As part of the development of our student’s writing skills, Westminster kindergarten students also learn simple sentence structure and basic punctuation.


The Saxon mathematics program teaches new concepts through a cyclical progression to ensure that students obtain mastery of foundational skills. Students are taught these skills through the use of a variety of manipulatives in whole group and small group settings.

Science/Social Studies

Westminster students are taught about the world around them through a variety of science and social studies thematic units using observational skills as they explore different cultures, seasons, communities, plants, and animals.


Westminster teaches Bible classes using “The Gospel Project” curriculum which allows students to read, study, and learn how stories in the Bible point to Jesus. Each week, kindergarten students attend chapel where they learn more about God through music and chapel speakers. Prayer and scripture memorization are integral parts of this curriculum.

Music and Art

Kindergarten students participate in music twice each week. While in class, students focus on singing in tune as well as listening activities. Kindergarten students participate in the Christmas and chapel performances, as well as Grandparents Day. Kindergarten students participate in art once a week, learning the foundational skills of drawing, painting, and artistic expression.

Physical Education

The lower school physical education program focuses on introducing children to a variety of physical activities including basic level sports and fitness. Students participate in this program once a week and also have daily recess.

Field Trips

Kindergarten students take several curriculum based field trips throughout the school year. Trips may include visits to Washington Farms, Jack's Creek Tree Farm, The Story Shop, and the State Botannical Gardens.