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High School

The high school years challenge students to develop their ability to view all information with a critical approach.During the early stages of education, Grammar and Logic, students are equipped with knowledge and are guided in sorting that knowledge into logical positions. The Rhetoric Stage offers students the training they need to approach the world with the ability to critically think and engage in a pattern of lifelong learning.

As a Christian school, Westminster understands the importance of equipping students to not only view the world around them from a biblical worldview but also to be independent thinkers in a culture that does not always encourage such.

The High School academic schedule encourages students to explore the gifts and talents God has given them through a variety of elective choices. In addition, high school students participate in L.E.A.P Week (Learning through Experience, Action, and Partnerships) every spring. This week offers tailored classes, experiences, and internships that will allow our students to gain real world experience in areas that are not necessarily offered in their standard academic schedule.

High school students’ daily schedule is designed to offer the majority of their core classes during the early hours, allowing for a choice of elective courses at the end of the day. Seniors will typically have the option to leave campus early in order to allow for internship and work opportunities that they may have a desire to pursue.