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Middle School


The middle school years are vital in terms of social and intellectual development as these are the years where students begin venturing out of the foundational role of the Grammar Phase and into the more applicable Logic Phase.During these three years, our students begin thinking critically, sorting the knowledge they gained in the grammar years, and learning how to formulate logical conclusions from the information they acquire.

All students will continue taking varied classes in the core disciplines of English, math, science, and history.They also begin digging deeper into scripture with an analytical eye in their Bible courses.Students continue their focus on Latin as a foreign language through the 7th grade.Additionally, all 7th grade students complete 1 semester of Spanish.

In addition, students have a variety of elective courses throughout their middle school years, including physical education, choral music, and art.These classes occur multiple days a week, and in some cases, classes rotate by semester in order to give students a varied experience each year.

Eighth grade students also take a semester of logic where they complete their middle school years with a Capstone Project that will enhance students’ abilities to not only organize information but also formulate a logical argument for a particular position on a selected topic.

With the exception of elective courses, students will maintain a consistent seven period schedule throughout the year in order to help middle school students establish routine and discipline in their academic pursuits.