About Westminster

It all began with a vision….

Imagine being able to combine the proven methods used to educate the great minds of Western civilization with the foundational truths of the Christian faith and offer this in an environment that fosters relationships, provides spiritural nurturing and builds a solid, genuine community. Picture students who are engaged, smiling, asking questions, embracing rigorous academics,  mastering concepts and not just the bare facts, and being encouraged to think bigger.

This is the vision a small group of parents had in the fall of 1988 for the kind of school they wanted for their own children. Thanks to their steadfast faith, tenacity, and above else to the Lord’s will and provisions, Westminster Christian Academy was founded.

In 1989, Westminster Christian Academy held its first class in rented space at Faith Presbyterian Church in Watkinsville, Ga.  That first class consisted of one teacher and a combined class of 12 first, second and third-grade students. A new grade level was added each year until the school had a complete PK-12th grade program.

The school purchased 30 acres of land in Oconee County and completed the first phase of development at the present location in the fall of 1998.  In 2012 Westminster purchased 10 additional acres of land to continue growing.

Westminster Christian Academy stands as a testimony to God’s faithfulness and the vision of its founding families.  The leadership today is still committed to the founders’ vision, and to providing the three core distinctions upon which the school is founded: covenant school, spiritual nurture and high academic standards.


  • Covenant School
    Westminster functions as a covenant school. Parents are encouraged to take an active role in the education of their children, and the school’s role is to work in partnership with parents to assist them in this endeavor. For this partnership to be effective, the school and the home must be like-minded; therefore, both parents of students enrolled at Westminster must profess a personal faith in Jesus Christ. The school and its families operate in a covenant relationship with each other regarding the total education of the students. We strongly believe that the union of our school, its families, and their churches will equip our students for a life pursuing excellence and integrity under the Lordship of Christ.
  • Spiritual Nurture
    Westminster directs each student toward a personal relationship with God the Father through Jesus Christ. Students are encouraged to develop and embrace a biblical worldview. Along with that, they are taught to reason and think critically and to develop discernment skills. The school helps train students in the content and application of God’s Word and uses mentoring and discipleship to help students advance in the attainment of Christ-like character.
  • High Academic Standards
    Westminster provides a comprehensive and rigorous academic program with a curriculum that puts biblical truth at the center of all instruction. We believe academic success requires mastery of skills through disciplined effort; therefore, Westminster actively and steadfastly maintains high academic standards. This commitment to high standards directs the focus of our instruction and is the reason behind our advanced curriculum at all levels. Students are challenged to pursue excellence in their studies and to resist educational mediocrity.