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We live in an exciting time as technological advances are shaping the world around us. The use of
computers and personal devices are becoming more and more essential components of our students’
experience, both in education and beyond. To be able to engage responsibly and successfully in our
information-rich society, students must learn to be able to utilize technology appropriately and
effectively as they prepare for whatever God has for them beyond their time here at WCA.

With that, we recognize and embrace the need to grow in our curriculum by advancing our technology
education. One way we expanded our technology is with the BYOL program. BYOL stands for
"Bring Your Own Laptop" and is an initiative allows students to use personal technology devices
at school for educational purposes to meet their personalized learning needs under the direction of a
teacher or administrator. With many students owning mobile computing devices and frequently using
these devices for their school work while at home, it is our desire to help students utilize this technology
in a more seamless way while at school while growing in their knowledge and capabilities with those

Westminster requires all 8th through 12th grade students to have a personal laptop each day. This is exceedingly beneficial as students are able to collaborate, create, and research using their laptops within the classroom setting. This
allows us as a school to further enhance our curriculum by incorporating technology.

Laptop Specifications

Recommended Devices
To ensure that students have a smooth transition and experience with this initiative, we have
developed a set of basic requirements that each device should meet. Each laptop should utilize
either a Windows or Apple operating system. Major manufactures such as Apple, Dell, Hewlett
Packard, Lenovo and Toshiba all have devices that meet the requirements listed below.
Approved devices are not limited to these brands, but these are all reliable brands.

Hardware Minimums
Storage 128GB
Screen Size 11”
Software Requirements
All devices should be equipped with Microsoft Office, specifically Word, Excel and PowerPoint.


Frequently Asked Questions

Security and Filtering
Students will be given a log in password that will allow them access to a wifi network specifically set up
for students. This will have firewalls and other filtration properties that restrict usage of social media
and other distractions while online.

Classroom management
Just like in classrooms without laptop usage, teachers will have classroom management

Students will be responsible for bringing their laptop to school each day with a full charge. While there
will be charging stations and access to outlets, it will be considered a part of being prepared for class like
anything else to charge computers each night for usage the next day.

IT issues
Westminster will have on campus support each day to help students in the event of technological issues
that cannot be solved by teachers or other students.

All students will be able to print to a student printer that will be exclusively for student use.

Damaged Laptops
Students are responsible for their own devices. It is recommended that every student have a carrying
case or backpack with a specific laptop compartment in order to protect their devices.

Laptop Requirements
Laptops will need to have Microsoft office, specifically Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.
Laptops will need to be able to fully function both online and offline.