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L.E.A.P "Week"

Learning through Experience, Action and Partnerships

The purpose of this program is to allow for and encourage the WCA students to expand their educational horizon beyond the typical high school experience. Between individualized classes catered to exposing students to a variety of skills, internships within the community, and strategically designed service and educational experiences, students are able to explore different avenues of interest and passions prior to entering the next phase of their lives. Students gain valuable hands on experience in areas typically not feasible within the typical high school curriculum. As students enter post-secondary education, many change their major multiple times in an attempt to determine the direction they would like to take their education. With the real world experience they gain through the L.E.A.P program at WCA, students are a step ahead in determining the best route for them after graduation.



Every year, the week prior to spring break is dedicated to the L.E.A.P Week. Over the course of a four year high school program, students need 4 EL (Experiential Learning) credits by the time they graduate at the end of their Senior year. The requirements will be as follows: (Transfer students will have modified requirements).

1 credit acquired through an experiential seminar course

1 credit acquired by participating in an approved Internship

1 credit acquired through the Senior Mission Trip OR an extended service opportunity

1 additional credit acquired through participation in an additional internship, seminar course, approved service opportunity, or              select school trips such as the college tour

Freshman Year

All students partake in an experiential seminar course of their choosing, mainly taught by our current staff members.

Sophomore Year

All students have the option to choose one of the following experiences:

An internship

An additional experiential seminar course

WCA’s Annual College Tour

Junior Year

All students have the option to choose one of the following experiences:

An internship

WCA’s Annual College Tour

WCA Service Week

Senior Year

All students are highly encouraged to take part in the senior mission trip which takes place during this week each year.Any 12th grade student who does not attend the WCA mission trip is required to earn their final credit by participating in one of the following:

An additional internship

WCA Service week

Internships and Organizations students have partnered with:

UGA Department of Public Relations 

UGA Department of Athletic Training 

UGA Sports Nutrition and Medicine

UGA Office of Sustainability

Jackson County Public Defenders Office

Art & Music Education at WCA

Athens Authors

GA Department of Natural Resources

Leadfoot Diesel Performance

Oconee Physical Therapy & Rehab

Butler Landscaping 

Powell Homebuilders

Athens Regional Hospital & E.R.

Oconee County D.A.

YMCA of Covington 

Graceland Ministries (Poland)

Law Offices of Kim Stephens

Marietta Air Base

Covington Police Department

Downtown Academy

Chick Music

The Story Shop

Dragonfly Aviation

Oconee County Civic Center


*Courses vary each year. This is a list of previous and current offerings

Computer Programming

Introduction into Bio-technology

Appalachian Trail Hike and Camping Trip

Georgia History

Photography & Photo Editing

College Tours:

University of Georgia

University of North Georgia

Lee University

Covenant College

Berry College

High Point University

Anderson University 

Liberty University

Clemson University

Students tour Georgia, Clemson, Anderson, Liberty and Furman

Seniors serve the community in The Domincan Republic.

Internship with Attorney Kim Stephens

Students hike the Appalachian Trail

ESP Internship

Students tour The Federal Reserve at the end of the Financial Planning class

Students learn elements of photography