Congratulations to Westminster’s Lady Lions varsity volleyball team on a terrific season!  The team ended their run this past Thursday and Friday afternoons at the Regional Tournament at Friendship Christian Academy.

The girls played three tough matches going up against one of the top seed teams.

The Lions won their first match against North Georgia on Thursday, Oct. 16.  Out of four sets, the Lady Lions won three (26-24; 25-17; 25-16; 27-25).  Setters led the team with assists, senior Kara Smith earning 10 and junior Liz Autry earning 7. Morgan Britt and Elie Campbell led the team in digs with 9 each. Kara Smith earned 7 digs and 4 aces. The team earned 19 aces total, Liz Autry earning 8, Morgan Britt earning 4, and Katie Leach earning 3.

Friday, Oct. 17 the Lady Lions lost to the number one team in the region, Horizon, in 4 sets (25-23; 25-22; 25-17; 25-8). Liz Autry earned 5 assists. Morgan Britt led in both kills with 7 and in digs with 10. The team earned 30 digs, half of which were earned by Britt and Kara Smith (7). Katie Leach and Lolo each earned a block.  Kara Smith earned 3 aces. Liz Autry, Sierra Kirsche, and Katie Leach each earned 1 ace.

In a nail biter of  a match, the Lady Lions ended their season when the fell to Fideles after five tight sets (25-21; 25-17; 25-19; 25-22; 16-14).  Kara Smith earned 4 aces, Morgan Britt earned 3, and Katie earned 2, and Liz earned 1. Katie Leach led the team in kills with 7. Morgan Britt earned 6 kills, Lauren McCullough earned 5, and Kara Smith earned 2. Katie Leach led the team defensively with 7 digs and 3 blocks. Elie Campbell followed with 6 digs, Kara Smith with 5, and Sierra Kirsche with 4. Lauren McCullough earned 2 blocks.

“The girls did such an incredible job,” said Coach Alexa Schulman. “We really got a chance to showcase our improvement against these tough teams. Coach Holloway and I are so proud of how the girls finished each game and ultimately our season.”