Middle School

The Logic Stage

At Westminster, moving into the Middle School is the next step in the traditional classical process, the Logic phase. In the Lord’s providence, students are leaving childhood and beginning to think more and more for themselves.

Their natural development leads them to craft arguments to support their point of view (just ask the parent of any middle schooler!).  They also begin to have a heightened sense of fairness, of what “ought” to be.  We strive to take advantage of the student’s natural inclination to teach them proper logic, leading them to better and clearer thinking, which is just the start of a life-long process. Additionally, each class and subject area has to yield to Biblical norms—historically, how have we handled this area of life, but more importantly, how ought the Lord’s people handle an issue or situation, as well has how Biblical norms inform each academic discipline and area of life, to prepare them to serve the Lord well going forward into his world.

In History, for example, we may study an event or person, and of course we need to know the dates and particulars of the historical context, but then stop and ask, “Is what is going on here right?” In other words, in light of Biblical data, what was possibly glorifying to God in this situation, or what should have been done better, or was, frankly, sinful? This kind of thinking needs to follow through in all of the classes. Students will follow a curriculum that sharpens their thinking skills and prepare them to live for Christ in culture.