Capstone  Projects

One of Westminster’s most important student-centered goals is to assist all students in becoming independent, life-long learners who are capable of applying and integrating various academic principles, skills, and understanding of their formal education to the next phase of their educational journey. To this end, we have students produce a Capstone Project in both 6th and 8th grades.

The 6th Grade Capstone Project

At the end of the Grammar stage students engage with Ancient history in memorizing the narrative poem, “Horatius at the Bridge”.  Our 6th graders study and memorize the 70 stanza poem during the year culminating in an end-of-the-year presentation of the entire poem.

The 8th Grade Capstone Project

To culminate their middle school years and the Logic stage of their education, 8th grade students select a topic of their choice, research the topic, and present the topic argument to an audience of faculty members, fellow classmates, and parents. Faculty advisors assist the students with direction and ideas for the presentation. This Capstone Project provides an invaluable opportunity for students to demonstrate the skills they have learned in middle school, as well as to showcase their ability to analyze, synthesize, organize and present information.