Building the Foundation for a Life-Long Learner

Peeking inside Westminster’s teacher-based, child-directed PreK classroom, you will see inquisitive children joyfully exploring various learning centers while interacting with classmates and developing their social skills.

Every part of the classroom is focused on enhancing different skills (cognitive, fine and gross motor, pre-math, pre-reading, and social) and encouraging learning through play.  Each learning center is thoughtfully and purposefully set up to allow different skills to be taught at once.  Students also participate in scheduled class time when they have the opportunity to practice sitting still while the teacher provides engaging instruction.

The preschool curriculum is based on unit studies, topics that are covered for one to two weeks at a time.  Along with unit studies, children learn the letters of the alphabet.  In addition, one color and one number are featured each month, so that by the end of the school year, every color and numbers one through ten have been introduced.

PreK students at Westminster must have reached their 4th birthday by September 1 of the designated school year.

PreK students attend school 8:00 am – 12:00 pm Monday through Friday and are not required to wear school uniforms.