Academic Support Program

The premise behind the Westminster Academic Support Program is a simple one: Every child learns differently.

Students with recognized learning differences should be afforded the opportunity of a Christian education within a Christian school environment. As a college preparatory school with rigorous academic standards and student expectations, the Academic Support Program (ASP) was developed to support the learning needs of students who may need additional academic assistance.

The mission of ASP is to help teachers and parents detect and delineate learning differences in students and provide prescriptive assistance as needed. Our teachers, tutors and other support professionals work as a team to move students forward to achieve and maximize their God-given academic potential. We desire to provide an appropriate educational program that is conducive to a successful learning experience for all students while enrolled at Westminster Christian Academy.

This program may provide support and assistance for students:

• transitioning to Westminster from another school and in need of filling gaps in curriculum

• experiencing difficulty in a particular academic discipline or class

• experiencing difficulty with time management, study skills, or content organization

• identified with a specific, diagnosed learning need (i.e., learning disability, ADD, speech language disorder, phonics/reading/writing/math delays or disabilities, occupational therapy)

ASP requires frequent communication between parents, faculty, and ASP personnel with the goal of mainstreaming students back into the regular school program once learning needs have been remediated.


A Referral Process to the program may be initiated by the student, parent or teacher/teaching team.  A Student Support Team (SST) meeting will then take place to make recommendations to parents.

• Inclusion Support – additional teacher support assistance within the regular classroom

• Resource Support – pull-out model; one-on-one or small group support

• Tutorial Support – after school tutoring by a qualified teacher

• After School Study Hall

• Specialized Needs Program Support – Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Orton-Gillingham Therapy

• Learning Accommodations

• Transitional School Support- assistance in learning specific material for a specific course