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This Week at WCA, December 18th

December 18, 2019
By Admin


Deadline T O N I G H T for Ordering January Lunches

It's time to order lunches for the month of January and tonight at midnight is the deadline.   After the break, you'll be thankful you didn't forget this!

If this is your first time placing an order, please follow these steps:

  • Go to
  • Click the link to "Register" at the top of the page
  • Enter the password for our school - WCA319
  • Follow prompts to complete your registration including profiles for each of your students. 
  • Order lunches for each student. (lunches are ordered by the month in advance)
  • Be sure to go to checkout and pay after you've made your selections.  Your order is not placed until it's paid for!

If you have any questions about this process, please contact Tami Butts -

Early Dismissal Tomorrow & Friday

In order to accommodate final exams and Christmas parties, please pick up your children at the early dismissal times as follows:

Thursday, December 19th - Upper School Only, Dismissal at 11:15 am

Friday, December 20th - All School - Dismissal at 9:35 am

Lost & Found Clean Out

For the last time this calendar year, it's lost and found cleanout time!  The bins are emptied and items are displayed in the gym.  Please stop by and see if anything belongs to your household.  Any unclaimed items after dismissal on Friday morning will be donated.

Thanks for your help!


WCA Sickness Policy

It's the time of year when germs are the most prolific and most easily shared.  In the effort to keep our student body as healthy as possible, please review the below policy from our parent and student handbook regarding illness and school attendance:

Both students and staff are asked to stay at home if they have an infectious illness.  Such illnesses include, but are not limited to, the following: influenza, strep throat, chickenpox, conjunctivitis (pink eye), and gastrointestinal or respiratory viruses.  To prevent infecting others, a student should not return to school until he/she has been without fever  (unaided by medication), vomiting or diarrhea for 24 hours.  Parents should provide a detailed reason for why the child was absent to the office Upper School or the classroom teacher for Lower School.

Please note that giving a child medication to reduce fevers and make him or her more comfortable is not the same as the child being “fever-free.”

Thank you all for your diligence in helping our campus stay as healthy as possible!


As we go through our days, please remember to keep the following WCA families in your prayers. Also, please email Tami Butts ( with updated and/or new prayer requests.  It is an honor to pray for each other.

  • Please continue to pray for our art teacher, Jackie Kirsche, as she walks through her cancer journey.  Jackie's recent scans showed that the immunotherapy treatments have not been successful.  She has begun chemotherapy treatments.  Specific prayer requests are that these chemotherapy drugs will be effective against her cancer and that her immune system will be protected during this time of year when germs are so easily shared.  Thank you for remembering Jackie, her husband Kevin and children Berkley (class of 2013), Sierra (class of 2016) and Hadley (class of 2018).
  • Please be in prayer for WCA parent, Jeannie Shannon, (Alex - Class of 2018, Abi - 11th and Cole - 3rd) as she is treated for ongoing cardiac issues.  Jeannie has been out of the hospital now for 5 weeks and is gaining strength.  Pray that she continues to gain strength without relapse.
  • Please be in continued prayer for Kim Hardwick, WCA teacher, who has undergone treatment for recurrent melanoma.  Kim had scans this week and all results were clear, no sign of disease.  This is a huge praise and answer to prayers!  Thank you for remembering her husband, Steve and their children (Ben - Class of 2018, Anna - 11th, Cary - 8th and Ella - 6th) during this time. Kim has set up a caring bridge site where she can share information about her journey.

Prayer requests are included here at the request, or with the permission of the family.


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