The senior class of Westminster Christian Academy recently returned from its Senior Class trip.  Unlike the average senior trip that is just about fun and frivolity, Westminster students engage in a week of missions. This year, students flew to Jamaica for a week of interaction with the poor, needy or lonely. In many ways, this trip was a culmination of the Westminster mission to “equip students to work as God’s redemptive agents in the restoration of society and culture.”

PHOTO IDENTIFICATION WCA Students at Jamaican Orphanage (left to right) Kaylee Buckley and Callie Heintzman at a Jamaican orphanage

The Westminster students were personal examples of hope, compassion, and love.  Students held and played with orphaned children so hungry for attention and affection.  They sat at the bedsides of lonely elderly patients placed in dilapidated infirmaries, and took the time to talk and listen.  Students also participated in work projects including painting the interior of a big cement blocked church, providing meals and friendship to homeless men and women at two area shelters and cleaning a public beach.

While it certainly was not the senior class trip the average American remembers from their high school experience, it was the kind of trip that will leave these students with memories that will not only last, but also influence the rest of their life, and the lives of those they touched.

First row: Jiyeoung West, Olivia Zimmerman, Meredith King, Hannah Walters, Emma Tingle, Brittany Starrett, Aloma Dunham, Callie Heintzman, Hannah Chapman. Second row: Jessie Robinette, Ellen Mayfield, Logan Elliot, Alex Warren, Wade Higginbotham,Trey Martin, Shaw Richardson. Third row: Jonathan Van Drunen, Brandon Ware