A huge round of applause and congratulations to Westminster’s 5th grade students who dominated the Oconee County 4-H County Project Achievement (CPA).

Tuesday, Jan. 20, students from throughout Oconee County presented individually chosen projects and topics at  the Oconee CPA.  Westminster’s 5th grade students’ topics ranged from Gymnastics Safety to Raw Milk vs. Pasteurization, and secured nine first place awards and two third place awards.  Congratulations to the following students!

Andrew Allen: Peafowl- 1st place
Peyton Deep:  Raw Milk vs. Pasteurization- 1st place
Sarah Donatelli: Gymnastics Safety- 1st place
Bella Haskell: Interior Design- 1st place
Kyle McCullough: Running Safety- 3rd place
Livy Mitchell: Crafts- Magnet Bulletin Board- 3rd place
Andrew Mulkey: Rotable Aircraft- 1st place
Mary Emma Norman: Rabbits- 1st place
Katherine Sutton: Archaeology- 1st place
Marisa Vazquez: Horses- 1st place
James Whitmire: Origami- 1st place