Westminster’s 6th and 7th graders left their typical classroom settings Feb. 27, 2013 and headed to the beach for a fun-filled, three-day-trip, that was jam packed with interactive learning.

The group arrived at Jekyll Island around noon and wasted no time hitting the beach, and exploring the marsh and the maritime forest.  Several students took advantage of the natural resources, and enjoyed a refreshing “mud mask.”

Some people pay lots of money for deluxe mud baths and masks - way to be smart and use the natural resources, girls!

When the sun went down, the learning did not stop, the students headed back to the beach for a night walk, and learned even more about the area habitat.

Day two did not disappoint.  While surf fishing, Allie Whitmire reeled in the first catch of the day – a whiting! The excitement continued as the group caught a total of four sharks! Robert King and his dad Kerry snagged the first of the day, followed by Chris Rickard and Alex Shannon.  One student compared the leathery texture of the sharks to the feel of a new pair of boots.

Whitmire with her whiting

Yes, folks - that is a shark they are holding. Cool, right!

Later in the day student attended a herpetology class where the group had a hands on lesson about reptiles and amphibians as they had the opportunity to hold snakes and alligators.

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