Friday, March 7, several Westminster students from 3rd – 8th grades participated in the regional Math Olympics. Westminster is incredibly proud of how well each student performed and represented the school. At the end of the competition Westminster students racked up a total of six 1st place, five 2nd place, two 3rd place, three 4th place, and four 5th place ribbons.

Congratulations to the following students who placed in his or her respective category:

Third Grade
Haila Jefts – 5th place, Computation
Jackson Ware – 2nd place, Reasoning

Fourth Grade
Peyton Deep – 1st place, Computation
Andrew Allen – 2nd place, Computation
James Whitmire – 1st place, Reasoning
Andrew Mulkey – 4th place, Reasoning
Peyton Sanders – 5th place, Reasoning

Fifth Grade
Ki Huppert – 3rd place, Computation
Abi Shannon – 5th place, Computation
Aron Bauer – 1st place, Reasoning
Mary Caroline McCormack – 2nd place, Reasoning

Sixth Grade
Braden Delamater – 1st place, Computation
Emma Sutton – 5th place, Computation
Lexi Farr – 2nd place, Reasoning

Seventh Grade
Emory Grace Doster – 2nd place, Reasoning
Kinley Phillips – 1st place, Reasoning

Eighth Grade
Jackson Mulkey – 1st place, Reasoning
Christina Boothe – 4th place, Reasoning
Lauren McCullough – 4th place, Computation
Rachel Snyder – 3rd place, Computation