From Headmaster James Armistead:

Westminster Family–

Mark Hamilton has let me know that he has accepted a job offer in school administration. I have enjoyed getting to know Mark, and wish him all the best in the Lord. We will miss his expertise and all that he has added to our school. We do have an truly outstanding candidate for the Latin postion, and the Lord has blessed us with excellent candidates in general. We’ll keep you informed as the process moves forward. Mark passed this very kind note on to me, and our prayers and good wishes go with him:

Ave atque vale (hail and farewell) Catullus poem 101 As I look back on my years at Westminster, I am reminded of the significant role that Westminster has played in my life.

From my first semester as a teacher and the excitement surrounding my marriage to Jessica at the end of that semester, to the birth of my children and the love and support we received during those times. From victory and defeat in the classroom and the basketball court, to the creation of the classical model for the school, everlasting memories will remain with me and my family for all of our lives. But most importantly, the way Jesus is lifted up and God is glorified and the people we have known, students and adults, who have demonstrated his love to us, is the memory of Westminster that we will take with us.

It is with great sadness and yet excitement that I must announce that the Lord has called my family and me into a role of school leadership at Providence Classical Academy, in Bossier, Louisiana. We ask for your prayer and support in this time of transition for our family and remain committed and hopeful to the Lord’s plan for the future of Westminster. Just as Catullus honored and said goodbye to his brother through his poem, I say to you Westminster, ave atque vale.

In Christ, Mark Hamilton.