Last April when Enid Costello and Darwyn Shannon stepped onto Westminster’s campus for Grandparents’ Day, they had no idea that day would change their lives. 

The school was filled with the excitement and anticipation of the inaugural Grandparents’ Day and students were eagerly awaiting the arrival of their special guests.  In the second grade classroom, good friends Lauren Costello and Abi Shannon were preparing to parade around the school along with their classmates who were all dressed as their favorite book character.  This was just a small part of the festivities planned to honor the special guests for the day.

Meanwhile, as grandparents and guests were standing outside waiting for the parade to start discussing how wonderful it was to be at the school, Enid and Darwyn met and struck up a quick conversation about the beautiful, but cold weather and Enid mentioned how much she loves the beach.

The day and its activities wrapped up and guests left the campus, but for Darwyn, it was more than just the day’s event that left an impression on him.

Shortly following the event, Darwyn called his son, Brac Shannon and confided that he was interested in Enid whom he only spoke with for maybe five minutes, and questioned if Brac had any way of contacting her.

As fate may have it, Brac and his family are very good friends with the Costellos as a result of Lauren and Abi.  Brac called Lauren’s father and Enid’s son, Mark to fill him in on the conversation.

When Mark contacted his mother and relayed to her the news, Enid was flattered.  Mark received approval from his mother to pass along her contact information.

It wasn’t until August that Darwyn and Enid reconnected, but they enjoyed lunch together and experienced a connection unlike anything they thought they would again.  By December, the two announced to their families they planned to marry.

The wedding is set for March 24, the day following the second annual event which brought them together – Grandparents’ Day. 

As for best friends Lauren and Abi – they are ecstatic to soon really be related through the marriage of their paternal grandparents who visited Westminster and found love.