Beautiful dress that would make any girl feel like a princess – $45

Dinner for two at your favorite place – $25

Tickets – $20

An evening with dad at the Father Daughter Dance – PRICELESS!

Westminster’s sixth annual Father Daughter Dance promises to be a great night of fun while remaining true to its original intention to serve as a night for fathers to lay the groundwork in terms of how their daughter(s) should expect to be treated by young men when the time comes to date.

The idea for the dance came when Westminster parent Julie Tomlin, who is blessed with three daughters and a son, heard the striking fact, “if girls don’t feel loved, respected and worthy from their fathers first, they will always be seeking it elsewhere.” This led to Mrs. Tomlin, joining together with fellow Westminster parents to create an evening for fathers to step up and set the bar for future suitors.

Fathers don’t just get to dress up, jump in the family car with their daughter(s), drive up to the school and dance around the decorated gymnasium for the evening.

In an effort to truly make this about the father and daughter relationship, a phone tree was created and dads contact other dads to invite them to the occasion and even offer tips on how to make the night special. Suggestions are thrown around like, buy and present her with a corsage. Take her out to eat before hand. Even if it’s just McDonald’s, take her to one you don’t usually visit, so the dinner is special.

Many of the dads who have had the pleasure of attending the dance for the past few years say the Father Daughter dance is the night they look forward to more than any other the entire school year.

This year’s dance is this weekend, Saturday, April 13 from 7 – 10:00 p.m. Tickets are $10 per person with $30 maximum per family (for all you dads with multiple young ladies).