At Westminster, a PIP is a designated grade level parent who communicates important information to families (in their grade). This info might include special dates, reminders, last minute announcements, etc. The parents listed below are serving as PIPs for the 2015-16 school year.

K–Janna Nimmo (Half day) /Alison Norris (full day)
1–Fay Long
2–Christina Brannen / Alison Hall
3–Michelle McCormack (Howard) /Melanie Visser (Briscoe)
4–Kim Costello (Moore) / Mary Beth Cole (Booth)
5–Julie Holman (Clark) / Kelly Bauer (Rasmussen)
6–Debbie Vazquez
7–Dana Turner
8–Kristen Sepesi
9–Jan Madden
10–Sharyn Dickerson
11–Fran O’Rear
12–Lisa Reeves