Westminster Christian Academy is extremely proud of the young men and women who make up the Class of 2014.  The impressive statistics and achievements of the school’s 16th graduating class, detailed below, provide only a glimpse of what Westminster students are prepared for – lifelong success.

– The Class of 2014,  which is made up of 15 students, received a total of $407,311.00 in scholarship offers, not including Georgia HOPE scholarships.



– Principal’s Award (maintained a cumulative average of 95 or above in all subjects): Roy MacGregor, Kristina Beck, Olivia Watson, Laura Scott Tomlin

– President’s Award for Educational Excellence (maintained a cumulative average of 90 or above all four years of high school): Kristina Beck, Landry Hutto, Roy MacGregor, Laura-Scott Tomlin, Olivia Watson, Morgan White, and Haley Wingo

– Oconee State Bank Junior Board of Directors Participant: Morgan White

– DAR Award: Landry Hutto

– Mock Trial State Champion Team Members: Kristina Beck, Danielle McKenzie and Aaron Shelton

– Outstanding Attorney Award for Regional, District and State Mock Trial: Kristina Beck

– National Merit Scholar: Kristina Beck

– STAR Student: Joe Zehna

– Student Council School Service Award: Owen Garcia

– National Honor Society: Kristina Beck, Landry Hutto, Roy MacGregor, Laura Scott Tomlin, Olivia Watson, Morgan White, and Haley Wingo

– Honor Graduates: Kristina Beck, Landry Hutto, Roy MacGregor, Laura Scott Tomlin, Olivia Watson, Morgan White, and Haley Wingo

– Beta Club: Kristina Beck, Owen Garcia, Landry Hutto, Roy MacGregor, Greg Meredith, Nathan Pilcher, Aaron Shelton, Laura-Scott Tomlin, Olivia Watson, Morgan White, Haley Wingo, and Joe Zehna

​- Veritas Award: Landry Hutto, Roy MacGregor, Laura Scott Tomlin, and Morgan White

– Westminster Cup: Roy MacGregor and Laura Scott Tomlin​