WCA’s senior class is almost ready to leave for its annual mission trip May 13-21 to Kingston, Jamaica, where the students participate in all kinds of community activities, including loving on and serving the kids at Operation Restoration Christian School (ORCH), which was founded some years ago to meet a considerable educational void that faces the children in this poverty-ridden neighborhood under-girded with political violence. Most years, members of WCA’s team brings their personal instruments and plays for the kids. It is something that despite the cultural differences, everyone enjoys and relates to, especially during worship.

A big issue that stands out during the visit, though, is the environment that these children are growing up in. Outside the security of the school walls these kids are faced with the real life challenges that come with living in an impoverished and violent town. One Chaperon recalls an example of this strong contrast, as he and a friend wandered outside the safety of the school’s walls to take a picture in front of a police station sign, the next thing they knew they were brought into the station for questioning.

To help ease the jolt of the kids’ everyday life, Westminster’s seniors decided to embrace the shared joy of music and use it to alleviate the tensions in ORCS students’ lives by providing instruments for them to learn and keep. All they need now are INSTRUMENTS! Yes, music makers that they can bring the joy of music to these precious little kids in Jamaica. Help them out by dropping off your unused instruments at the school or at Buy Wise Drugs, 740 N. Chase Street, Athens, Ga. 30601, the week of May 5! .

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